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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and it's as if they give us this just to end and resolve the matter but it doesn't feel like a resolution. >> thanks to my panel. i'm don lemon. that's it for us tonight. that's it for us tonight. "ac360" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good evening, it is 11:00 on the east coast and 11:00 a.m. on the west coast of australia. the search for mh-307 has been ended due to bad weather. the effort has become a recovery mission and that no one on board survived. that from malaysian authorities. that conclusion is based in large part on a sophisticated analysis of the last electronic pings with an orbiting satellite. you will hear how it was done by the company that did it. some of the families are
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demanding hard evidence and say malaysian authorities should have got the same before declaring 239 lives lost. the headline reads "good night mh-370. we are not showing you the video of the grieving relatives. i don't think it's appropriate. breaking news we have just learned that relatives of some of the passengers are heading to the malaysian embassy to express their anger. and malaysian officials will be talking to reporters in 90 minutes. we will bring you that press conference as it happened. first the latest from perth, australia. >> after 17 days of hope and anguish this is not the words
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that the families were waiting to hear. >> deep sadness and regret that i must inform you live image 370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> reporter: the prime minister saying based on new information from the satellite company inmarsat, the 777 went down west of perth, australia, nowhere near any possible landing site. malaysian airlines sent this text message to the families. we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that mh 370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. some families want evidence that the plane went down. >> i don't know why i just want to see some debris off the aircraft and the black box, to know what exactly happened, because there are too many unanswered questions. >> reporter: china's government demanding malaysia share all information and evidence. while frustrated chinese relatives release a statement,
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condemning the malaysian government's handling of the incident, saying, the malaysian government and malaysian military putting off, holding back and covering up the truth of the incident as well as trying to deceive the families of passengers and people of the entire world. while there's no evidence of a cover-up, there is -- the next in question of just what did take down the airplane. there are new questions about the experience of co pilot hameed fareed. this is his sixth flight on a 777 and the first without a supervisor. in line with company policy. and new details about the flight's path, a source close to the investigation tells cnn that military radar tracking shows the plane flew as low as 12,000 feet, at some point before it disappeared from radar. as the search continues in the south indian ocean, new signs of hope for locating the wreckage. >> we're looking for debris in the water.
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we saw a number of objects both on the surface and beneath the surface visually as we flew of the top of them. >> crew members on board an australian aircraft report spotting two objects, one gray or green in color, and the other orange. chinese aircraft spotted two different large floating objects and several smaller white ones dispersed over several kilometers. but finding these objects continues to be challenging at best. the search area has narrowed, but it's still 600,000 square miles wide. >> we are anticipating the press conference from malaysian authorities that is to occur an hour-and-a-half ago. but you just got word of a press conference in australia? >> the military announced to the press they wanted all of us to
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gatherer. the australian defense minister wants to say something. we don't know the topic. he has something he wants to announce or discuss. we're expecting that in just under an hour. >> we'll bring that to our viewers live and the malaysian press conference. we're going to be on at least to the 1:00 a.m. hour. let's talk about the search that was suspended today. there has been so much anticipation given what has occurred over the weekend in the last 72 hours do. they expect to resume tomorrow? i suppose it depends on the weather and the conditions in the water. >> reporter: they're hopeful they can do it tomorrow. but the weather forecast is a lot like today. it is simply too dangerous for the planes to get out there and the ships to get out there. the weather isn't expected to improve until thursday.
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so -- as far as getting back out there we know that everybody who is on the search teams are itching to get out but they can't. this is the area known as the roaring 40s. throw in bad weather and it's too dangerous. >> we'll come back to you for that statement by the defense minister in about 54 minutes from now. other developments to tell you about. the u.s. navy is sending a sophisticated piece of gear to seek out the cockpit data and flight recorders. it is being loaded on a cover go plan plane. the batteries are about ready to run out about two weeks from now and the clock is inning "t" ticking. as for the electronic pings from plane to satellite i want to talk to chris mclaughlin, a
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senior vice president at inmarsat. >> the government made the announcement today based on data and analysis from your company given to them by uk officials. how confident is inmarsat that that is what happened to mh-370, it ended up in the water? >> we have been looking at it for six or seven days and comparing it with other 777s in that particular region and looking at the flight data we can get from the pings. what we did was to map those pings against the southern and against the northern route. i can say there's a strong correlation with the southern route, and absolutely no correlation with the north, that it went south. >> you can rule out that northern route? >> yes. >> can you say, though, that with 100% certainty, that the plane ended up in the water?
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>> we have to bow to the honors that the investigation team has. we can say that we saw the plane in a number of pings to the network over a period of hours. that period of hours coincides with the amount of time that the malaysians say it was fuelled up for and that would tie in with some seven pings or communications, if you like, from the last known one through to the plane possibly running out of fuel. at which case it would have been over the southern indian ocean. >> i don't know how to ask this, or how you can answer it. is all the information you've given the malaysians, has that all been stated publicly or is there other information or other data you shared with them, that would make them lead to this conclusion in a way that you're not able to say. >> no, we're holding nothing back. we've been open with the
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investigation from the outset from within the first few hours of it going missing to coming up on the 11th with the concept of the north south route and to the investigation and further thoughts yesterday, we shared everything that we have, there's no data that we're keeping back. >> i think a lot of people didn't realize until this, that it's quite common for planes to disappear in a sense from radar, when it's over large bodies of water and the like. it's really up to the pilots to communicate their location. is there a technology that could change that? >> yeah, there's no question, we could do it now, there are 10,000 wide bodied jets fitted with the same system that was on board this malaysian airline. it's a classic arrow system. it's a 64 kilobit system. capable of sending out text based messages with the zeta
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another thing offers half a megabit to allow more streaming of data. the systems are there and available today. >> that's a question of what airlines are deciding to use them? or governments deciding to use them? whose decision is that? >> the decision is regulatory. it's already mandated for the north atlantic. it's not mandated for the rest of the world. perhaps it should be, since it was five years since the air france was lost. perhaps it's time to say that it's incomprehensible that a commercial airline could go missing for six or seven hours. had we have automated position reporting as we do with long
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range i dent cation and tracking as we do with ships at sea, we would have known 15, 20 minutes of the plane being lost where it was. >> appreciate you talking to us today, thank you. >> thank you very much. david gallo, co leader of the search for air france flight 447. director of the special projects. also with us, former department of transportation general mary schiavo. david, you talked to people from inmarsat. what can you tell us you heard from them? how confident are you in the information? >> after speaking to them i'm very confident with them. i talked about how they could do trainlation. and there is no such thing at trainlation on these satellites. so what they explained to me is if the center of the satellite
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is further from the aircraft it takes longer to make the handshake. as it approaches closer to the center, that time decreases. the scientists there take those calculations and figure out at this point it was traveling towards the center and then away from the center and based on other information i'm not smart enough to understand they were able to figure out where the aircraft was. >> the man from inmarsat earlier was saying there is technology that would allow planes to constantly communicate so the planes wouldn't disappear as this one did and many planes do and yet it's not mandated. it's not required. >> it is on certain routes. in the north atlantic. but by and large -- >> where there is a lot of traffic. >> but it's not mandated by and large. the technology exists and the data streams exist. if you talk to the cynics they
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will say the airlines don't want to spend the money on the data. it would raise costs. if you have 600 planes or 500 planes in the fleet, that is a sizable cost that will go on the ticket. you have to weigh that against the sort of incident that we're now facing here. >> it's a question for municipals or regions to mandate it? >> it is in the north atlantic. but it's interesting to me that there would be a discrimination between that area of the world very this area of the world. the technology is available. so why would you stop the data from streaming going down to south america or into asia versus just the north atlantic. simply yes, it is mandated but how much more expensive can that be? >> i do think this whole tragedy is going to start to raise a lot of questions by passengers about aircraft they are now flying on in the future in terms of what
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their rights are and what is in the cargo holds of the planes. passengers as of now have no right to know what is in the cargo hold of the plane they are flying. they can't ask about the acars system on board the aircraft, correct? >> that's right. they have no way to find out, no way to ask. it's difficult for them to get information about how their airline stacks up against others. all those questions about a carrier that would help you judge whether you want to fly on that carrier and whether it's safe are locked away in the -- you know the records of the carrier. if you ask the federal aviation administration they will not produce it either. they say it's proprietary information. >> and richard, it's important to understand what we still do not know. given the news from inmarsat and uk officials and the malaysian government. we'll hear more at 12:30 a.m.
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but we simply do not know what happened to this plane. we do know it turned left and was able to be tracked for some time. but the bottom line, the mystery remains. >> we do not know. we can speculate to our heart's content. we can come up with theories about who took over. we don't even know, anderson, if this altitude change took place. >> a source telling cnn -- >> we don't know. >> the plane might have dropped to 12,000 feet. >> the malaysians haven't confirmed it. at what point do they have to confirm or deny every source or rumor that is out there? at what point are they obliged to respond in that fashion to the fact that one network or another network. we are talking about every network in the world is on this. let go back to the
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pre-programmed waypoint changes of last week. we all reported. that turned out to be false. now the malaysians are getting the bad rap for that because everyone said they said it. but they put out the statement on saturday saying that the acars that after 1:07 nothing happened. we have to separate fact from myth from what we believe has been said. and the truth is at this point we have absolutely no idea officially what took place. >> to add on what richard said, this is an accident investigation. there is a lot of proprietary information that in the states and malaysia probably has the same system, is that it's an organized investigation process and a lot of that information is not going to be released to the public because of the interpretation of the data and what you are doing to the family and friends. >> the countries are not wanting
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to give out radar data, because it gives a sense of their military capabilities. we are going to take a break. we are waiting to hear from the australian ministry officials. a lot to -- hoping to get a lot of new information in the next two hours. coming up next, the anguish of the families getting the worst of possible news today. i'll be speaking to a grief counsellors. there was enough invasion of privacy showing you what grief looks like. but we want to talk about what he is trying to do for these families and what he is seeing and working with. and we will take you to washington state where acres of earth gave way. the death toll has risen and so has the number of people unaccounted for. now 176. peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business.
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more breaking news, the associated press reporting that china demanding that the malaysian government turn over satellite data. among the passengers, 154 were chinese nationals. as many chinese families want proof that the committee representing the families accused the malaysian authorities of a cover up. if our 154 relatives aboard lost their lives due to such reasons, then the malaysian airlines and government are the real murderers that killed them. >> you talked about how in grief counseling there has to be a starting point and that is
8:22 pm
knowing what happened. were the families given that starting point today? >> i don't think they quite got it. i think there are a couple of reasons. one is over the last two or three days it has been quiet in the hotel. you can tell most people were not as interested in all the little pieces of news or rumor or information as they were before. they were just basically waiting for the one final definitive answer. and you have the feeling that everybody is bracing for impact. and today when it came, unfortunately, it came as a technical conclusion based on things that they -- the people could not understand and given from a source that they do not quite trust. so most of the people they didn't want to accept it. i think that's one part. there's another part that is
8:23 pm
interesting right now. they have been going from hope to despair so many times that even if -- and many of the people, i think their rational mind have probably come relatively close to accepting their loved ones are not coming back, but even if their rational mind accept it, the emotional mind is reluctant or refuses to accept. it is going to take time. >> and while you're talking we're not showing pictures from families today where they were leaving that meeting, obviously distraught. i think it is too invasive who didn't agree to be on camera at a time like this, but i know a lot of family members agreed to receive updates via text message. and i also know that the airline did send a text telling the families that the flight was lost and no one survived. did you speak to any of the families about that? it's one thing to agree to
8:24 pm
receive text messages and i clearly understand the desire to get information to the families before it is leaked to the media or announced publicly. but did the families react to that? >> yeah. many of them very angrily. and in some cases it is so unfortunate that i think it's causing so much more pain. because there was one instance where this person received this text message but they don't understand english. so they couldn't understand the message. and then they heard there was going to be a major announcement. so she was quite excited and she forwarded the text message to a friend of mine, with the following message. i have a good feeling that they have found them. and so she went to the announcement, expecting that they were going to tell them they found the people alive. >> most of the families you are talking to are they still
8:25 pm
waiting for actual debris to be found, to be located and be in possession? is there a level of sort of reality that they need to see for this? >> i think so. i think because right now, they have been given something they could not comprehend. is it a technical conclusion, which really, you is to be a -- not only of a high-technical mind. you have to give them something they can see and touch. they can see a piece of the plane or touch something from the plane. then they would be able to accept it and that would be the closest thing that can come to closure if there is such a thing as closure. >> i find that is a tv word and for families living in grief
8:26 pm
this kind of pain never goes away, though time, perhaps, does help. paul, i appreciate your efforts. it has been a heart breaking time for the families as they try to get information about their loved ones. we are waiting a news conference from malaysian airlines at 12:30 eastern time in the united states, a.m., which is 12:30 p.m. in kuala lumpur. and someone at the australian defense ministry that is about to occur in about 33 minutes from now. another breaking story tonight, the number unaccounted for after a landslide in washington state tops 175. and the death toll has also risen. we're going to take you there next. he milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data
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we have breaking news tonight. the number of people unaccounted for is up to 176 after a deadly landslide in a remote town north of seattle and the death toll has risen to 14. george towel joins me from arlington, washington with the latest. this is a horrific situation in a small town. what do we know about those still unaccounted for. it's not necessarily that they are miss bug they are not accounted for. there is a difference.
8:31 pm
>> and that's very important to point out. that number, 176, those are 176 reports, anderson. so basically it could be a family that put up a website looking for their loved one. that could be a report. it could be a twitter query looking for a relative or a vague description, something like haven't seen paul at that house. that's where he lived. that could be a report. investigators are trying to compile the reports and narrow them down. we started with of a dozen. that went up to 108 and now with the number up a 176 the investigators are doing everything they can to bring all of those reports together to find people to have people accounted for and hopefully and quickly reduce that number. >> obviously this is a dangerous thing for rescue workers. are they able to work in the darkness? >> reporter: we learned a little
8:32 pm
bit more about what it's like to be out there. we understand that it took some of these firefighters -- some of the rescuers took them five minutes to go 50 or 60 feet because is it so muddy and in many places the land is unstable. they had a robust plan this morning to go out with machines to move the mud. they wanted to have people on the ground to probe with electronic equipment to look for people in the mud. they had to stop around midday. but then they resumed that search. the land was very unstable. >> i appreciate your reporting. as george mentioned, 176 people still unaccounted for. nicole rivera's parents, daughter and daughter's fiance are among the missing. thank you so much for joining us. i spoke to you during our commercial break. your parents live right where this landslide happen. your daughter and her fiance
8:33 pm
were visiting your parents. when was the last time you spoke with them? >> the last communication we had from any of them was about 9:40 on saturday morning. my daughter commented on a facebook post. and we haven't heard anything. when i first heard about the slide i texted everybody. i'm from houston. and just said please check in. and delaney and allen did not. i called and their phones went straight to voice mail and that's when it was pretty effort that my fear that they were caught in the house with my folks, which is quite far in this field, after calling family up here and her friends, it really became clear that their were most likely there and we have not had any contact or sign
8:34 pm
of them. >> i know there are two things you wanted to get across to our viewers tonight. one you want to praise the work you have seen by first responders. >> absolutely. i can't imagine doing that job. and i'm just so very grateful for them to be out there on that unstable ground. it's really unsafe for them. and so i'm just so grateful. >> and i'm sure that's echoed by dozens of family members who are waiting for word. the other thing you wanted to get across to our viewers is just the impact of this event in this community. >> yeah, derrington is a town of about 1200 people. this is devastating to our community. all of us know each other and know the other family members
8:35 pm
that are missing. it's such beyond the scope of my four missing family members that -- it's just -- it's grief for our whole town. so just pray for our town, please. >> i appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and i just wish you strength and peace in the days ahead. our hearts go out to you and your family as well. >> thank you so much. there is a new twist in the breaking news out of beijing. and the family of flight 370 passengers trying to get to the malaysian embassy to express their anger. we'll tell you about what is going on now ahead. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month.
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in about 22 minutes we are expecting a news conference from australian's defense minister and 12:30 a.m. we will bring you a news conference from malaysian airlines officials. the search for the plane has been suspended due to dangerously bad weather. the setback comes at fraught time hours after the malaysian prime minister told the families of the missing that the boeing 777 went down with no survivors. he said there are no doubts. jeffrey thomas is giving us
8:40 pm
great insights for the past two weeks. he joins us tonight from australia. last week you were certain they were looking in the right spot. and given tonight's news you seem to be right. you also thought there is more to there than we are being told do. you still feel that way? and if so, why? >> anderson, absolutely. as soon as australia was tasked with the role of looking after the search zone part of this arc with the help of american intelligence and british intelligence, some search areas were defined and now we find that those search areas are exactly where the debris is and precisely where the airplane is confirmed to be by inmarsat. so they obviously a week ago, they had a very, very good idea of what has happened to this airplane and where to find it. >> the suspension of the search effort today, obviously that is
8:41 pm
a big blow to thaev was hoping there would be some news today especially the family members who wanted to get some degree spotted by human eyeballs in terms of the weather in that region, particularly in that search area is that a portent of things to come? the clock is ticking here. things are getting worse and worse. >> this is very much a portent of what is to come. for about eight months of the year, the region we are looking that is like a north atlantic gale for about eight months of the year. i expect the searching of this airplane will be suspended more times than it's not and in a month or so's time it will be too difficult to try and search for it. we also know that the australian ship, hms success has had to leave the area because it's too
8:42 pm
rough. so for search and rescue vessels that are trying to maneuver with submersibles and cranes and all those sorts of things there is no way they can operate in those sorts of conditions. i expect the search to be suspended over the winter. >> there is anticipated to be a statement by australian defense ministry officials in about 18 minutes. do you have any idea what the specifics of that are? >> look, we understand, anderson, that yet from one of the orions, they spotted an orange object and a green object and we also know photographs were taken of those objects by the australian air force. those pictures have not been released. my sense is that the defense minister to make a special trip
8:43 pm
here to perth and have a special media briefing he may be revealing that these objects have been identified as from this airplane. that's just my speculation on it. but i don't think the minister would come all the way across here and have a special announcement without something major to say. >> we don't know. and we'll know in 17 minutes or so. but you believe he must have something significant to say for him to come all the way? >> that is my sense. it's like the prime minister of australia, tony abbott a week ago is getting up in parliament and saying we have photographs of wreckage. for him to say that, again, he was backed by intelligence that said, we really are on to something here. we know what we're doing. and so, again, for a defense minister, whether in australia
8:44 pm
or malaysia or the united states to get up and make a special announcement, it has to be something significant. >> you said photographs were taken. do you have any idea what altitude these pictures were taken from? was this low-flying aircraft? >> my understanding was that it -- it was a low-flying aircraft. i'm not sure how low. i mean, some of these airplanes have been getting down to 200 feet. i know the poseidon, the american p-8 poseidon was down to 200 feet yesterday trying to identify various objects. but was thwarted by sea fog. so they're really making an enormous effort to try and pinpoint this wreckage, get some absolute crystal definition this is from the airplane. you know, no effort is being spared. >> jeffrey thomas we always
8:45 pm
appreciate talking to you. thank you very much and from the location where the statement is going to be made about 15 minutes from now. we'll bring that to you live, obviously, hearing from australia's defense minister. si. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next.
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. a dramatic update to the breaking news out of beijing. family members of the passengers of mh-370 trying to get to the embassy. connie young is working for cnn there. explain where you are. what you are seeing around you. the buses that these protesters had planned to take were basically stopped by chinese authorities. >> reporter: yes. they basically marched off the buses after they realized they weren't moving. there were three public buses full of relatives of victims of the flight and now they are marching towards the malaysian embassy. they are about half way there. about 300 people, relatives and friends here marching towards them and just about as many policemen as well. >> do you know what they are hoping to do once they get to
8:50 pm
the embassy? >> reporter: they think government has been lying to them and they want their family members back. >> is there a sense or have authorities said anything -- will they allow these family members to get to the embassy? >> reporter: initially on the bus it looked like police were standing in front of the bus not letting them go. the family members started getting off the bus. there was a bit of a struggle but not too much. they have been helping with stopping traffic and letting them march through. not much resistance from the authorities. >> are they holding signs or chanting? >> caller: they are holding signs saying they want their sons and daughters back, the malaysian government is lying, things like that. >> and you are walking with the protesters right now? >> reporter: correct, yes. >> how far is it to the
8:51 pm
malaysian embassy? how long will it take for them to get there if they are allowed to get there? > reporter: we have been walking for a half hour and 20 more minutes and we'll be at the embassy. a smoggy day in beijing today. >> have people on the streets been reacting to this crowd of family members? this is a video from a producer on site? have people on the street been reacting to this? >> reporter: yeah, everyone has been stopped on the streets. i don't know if you can hear that. >> yeah. >> reporter: basically, traffic has come to a stand still. the police have stopped traffic just for safety reasons and people are getting out of their cars to take home video of what's going on. >> this is essentially a public protest through the streets of beijing as their family members and friends and associates are walking to the malaysian
8:52 pm
embassy. that's a rare sight, isn't it? >> reporter: is it a rare sight. the only time we see something like this is when they are protesting the japanese. it's unusual to have people walking through the streets protesting. >> in terms of the coverage in b beijing and in china, has this received the plight of these family, the drama and mystery of what happened with flight 370, has it been receiving a lot of coverage in the state media? >> reporter: yes. there has been a lot of cover of this in chinese media and state media. however, i would argue that cnn has been covering it more than state media in terms of headline news. >> we're going to continue to follow this with you. we are looking at images from this protest. a very rare sight on the streets of beijing. family members and their friends
8:53 pm
stopped from boarding buses and going to the malaysian embassy to protest. now walking the streets of beijing. they are about 20 to 30 minutes away. we'll see what happens when they get to the embassy. as we wait to hear from australia's defense minister in about seven minutes. i want to bring our panel back. mary schiavo you just heard from jeffrey thomas. he believes there was nefarious human involvement that caused this. what do you make of his statement that he believes that the australian defense minister would not give a public statement in seven minutes if he did not have something of significance to say? >> i agree. i mean, the last announcement was fairly significant. this one too. i'm hoping -- i'm sure everyone's hoping it's not what we heard in the previous guest about perhaps calling off the
8:54 pm
search. but i don't know how they would identify for certain that the pieces that they are looking at and seeing are from the aircraft without having picked them up and put them on a ship for inspection. but maybe that's what it is going to be. that would be helpful news at this point. >> richard, you heard from jeffrey as well. you know him. well-placed gentleman. >> known jeffrey for many years. there's none better in the industry. i don't know if he is right. it might be that david johnson is feeling the need to give an overview and a route map forward now we've had some significant information and he wants to talk through the various options over the next three to five weeks onwards. but i don't think it is out of the realms of possibility he is going to identify some parts.
8:55 pm
>> clearly not on the side for the search and getting worse. you have two weeks left with the black box sending out signals. but jeffrey was saying it could get to a scenario in a couple weeks where a search has to be suspended for months and months. >> the clock is ticking against those boxes. but to have weather come in like that, i have had to postpone investigations over the winter before. there is usually a lot of evidence damaged and the evidence will be spread so thin it will be very difficult. >> i want to show our viewers what we are look at. that is the location of the public statement will take place in about four minutes from now. australia's defense minister. we are going to take a break so we don't have to interrupt this press conference in any way. we'll be right back.
8:56 pm
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welcome back. we are one minute to midnight on the east coast in the united states. and one minute to noon in perth, australia where david johnson is about to talk to reporters. we are going to bring that to you live when it happens. we do not know what specifically he is going to be talking about. talking to jeffrey thomas, an aviation reporter in australia who believed he would not be coming out to say something if it wasn't significant. we'll have answers in a matter of a few seconds as we
9:00 pm
>> richard qwest, who is joining us along with our panel as we watch this, the idea this search might have to be stopped for a given length of time, it's not something we certainly have never heard of. we heard that before with air france flight 447, that the flight had already been found. >> but we're way early on that. we're not -- i don't think for a moment we're going to be talking about stopping at any time soon. remembering the southern hemisphere winter, it's coming into fall now, then winter will be coming along shortly. i think we're some way off. i'd be very surprised if he's going to announce he's bringing friends home tomorrow. absolutely once winter arrives in the southern hemisphere and depths of winter, you won't find them going out. it would be too dangerous with the planes and it would be fruitless. they will do what they did with 447, regroup and look at the evidence and set up a new plan for where they're going to start. >> david, i